Karate Kid Wax On Wax Off Shirt

All of us 80s kids can remember the infamous Wax On, Wax Off scene from The Karate Kid.  My 20-year-old cousin, on the other hand, completely misses the reference. I’m not sure if that’s a sign of her age, or if it’s just her. Either way, anyone who hasn’t seen the Wax On, Wax Off scene can watch it in the Youtube clip below.

For those who want to immortalize it, there’s a t-shirt for that (there always is).  Check out the Wax On, Wax Off T-Shirt. Guaranteed to earn comments from strangers who share your fondness for the epic scene.

Wax On Wax Off T-Shirts
Wax On Wax Off Shirt
Price: $19.95
Daniel-san wax my freaking car while Mr. Miyagi catch fly with chopsticks. and how does this make one better at karate You’ll love the super soft feel of this premium ring-spun cotton Wax On Wax Off Shirt.

I Only Kiss SuperHeroes T-Shirt

Comic Con San Diego is coming up, and that means a lot of people need new nerdy t-shirts to wear to the con.  Unfortunately, if you didn’t buy tickets within the hour or so they were up for sale last winter, you’re probably out of luck on attending – but you can still get yourself a cute “I Only Kiss SuperHeroes”  T-Shirt and hit up the off-site parties. The male to female ratio is quite favorable for the ladies.

The I Only Kiss SuperHeroes Shirt comes in women’s sizes, though I guess a guy could wear it a bit snug :)

Super Hero Kisses Tee
Super Hero Kisses Tee
Price: $24.5
Super Hero Kisses Tee

Married With Children No Ma’am Shirt

When I was little, my dad wouldn’t allow my sisters or I to watch Married…With Children.  He said it was a horrible excuse for television, and the absolute opposite of everything we should strive for in life.  Although I was a little mad at the time (since everyone else watched the show and I didn’t get their jokes), I’m a little glad he took that stance.  It made discovering trashy programming all the more exciting when I moved out.  Oh, and I guess it let me spend more time learning and becoming a decent human being instead of growing accustomed to the idea of growing up and eating bon-bons with a husband who sits on the couch with a hand down his pants.  I don’t know.  I still think the show is kind of funny.

Case in point – The No Ma’am t-shirt.  Or, the “National Association of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood”.  Yeah, the acronym is a bit off, that’s not just you. Anyway, Al Bundy’s No Ma’am club was a pretty epic part of 80s television (see video below), and now it’s been immortalized on a t-shirt that you can own and wear with pride. Granted, you may have to explain it to anyone under 25 or so – but that’s a great opportunity to bring them into the No Ma’am fold.  You can order a No Ma’am shirt by clicking the image below.

No Ma’am Shirt – and video below…


ADHD.  What a loaded label.  Some people think it’s total garbage, and others seem to think anyone with the mildest of concentration issues has it.  Hint, people – the world today is a pretty darn distracting place.  It’s no surprise people can’t focus.

If you have a light-hearted take on the whole issue, though, you’ll appreciate the ADHD t-shirt (done in the style of an ACDC t-shirt).  It’s fun. It’s edgy.  You’ll probably offend a few people unless you have your own legit diagnosis.  Luckily, that’s not hard to come by these days.  Adderrall, however, is getting much harder to come by (just Google “Adderall shortage if you don ‘t believe me).  Luckily, the ADHD t-shirt is still in stock.  So get one.  Before a bird flies by and you forget.

AD/HD T-Shirts
AD/HD T-Shirts
Price: $19.95
Love this AD HD shirt Oh my god I mean I like High Voltage but you like Highway to Hell but High Voltage is good but don’t forget about Back in Black and Angus is awesome and I like it when he dresses up like a schoolboy because they’re an awesome band and look! Shiny things. You’ll love the super soft feel of this premium ring-spun cotton fabric. Our funny t-shirts are sure to please. Most of our tees have a slightly tapered fit; size up for more room.

Panem’s 74th Annual Hunger Games Shirt

Did you go see The Hunger Games this weekend?  Unlike the rest of the world, I didn’t.  I still have a copy of the book on my shelf, nagging me to finish it…and I hate to see the movie before I’ve read the book.  It just makes it harder to enjoy the book if I already have someone else’s imagining of it in my head.

Anyway, for those who DID go see The Hunger Games this weekend, I decided the “Panem’s 74th Annual Hunger Games Shirt” was worth a mention. I don’t like a lot of movie shirts, but I do like this one.  It’s simple and understated, as movie shirts go.  Plus, clueless people will probably think “Hunger Games” references some kind of charity fundraiser you participated in, so that’s always a plus.

Click here to get your Hunger Games T-Shirt.

My Pen is Huge Shirt

Don’t you just hate when you get a really nice pen, but it’s so heavy you have a hard time using it to write for any real stretch of time before your hand gets sore.  Yeah, me too.  I’m pretty sure that’s what the creators of the “My Pen is Huge” shirt were thinking about when they came up with the idea for the shirt.  When your pen is huge, it really is a big deal.

Then again, they might have been thinking about those ridiculously large novelty pens that some companies buy for promotional products and special events.  Those pens are huge, too.

If you’d like to find other fine pen aficionados in the wild, the “My Pen is Huge” shirt might be just the shirt for you.  Just make sure you steer clear of the jumbo novelty pen riff-raff.  Other than that, what could possibly go wrong when you’re wearing a t-shirt that says, “My Pen is Huge”??

My Pen Is Huge T-Shirts
My Pen Is Huge T-Shirts
Price: $19.95
My pen is huge. How lovely for you…You’ll love the super soft feel of this premium ring-spun cotton fabric. Our funny t-shirts are sure to please. Most of our tees have a slightly tapered fit; size up for more room.


Downton Abbey…Downtown Abbey T-Shirt

I’ve gotta say, I’m a little bitter about this Downton Abbey trend.  You see, I’ve been watching old lady shows and taking heat for it ever since I was a kid.  Miss Marple; Murder, She Wrote; Hetty Wainthrop; Ballykissangel…I love’em all.  There’s just something calming about those British accents, even when crazy stuff like murder and adultery is going on.  I swear, the grandmas of the men I date end up liking me better than the men themselves.

I like Downtown Abbey, too.  I just hate that all the people who used to make fun of me are totally hooked on it and they won’t even admit they were wrong about the awesomeness of old lady shows.  Whatever, I’m over it now.

Anyway, I saw this “Downtown Abbey” t-shirt playing on the Downton Abbey name and I had to post it.  Uppity butler?  Check. Silly outdated reference to urban culture? Check. I’d wear it.  If you want your own, you can get it here.  It comes in both male and female cuts, so nobody’s excluded on this one.

Downtown Abbey T-Shirt


Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms Shirt

NRA members, as a group,  aren’t really known for their sparkling sense of humor – especially not when it comes to the very important right to bear arms.  It’s one of those things that a lot of us see as almost irrelevant in modern society, but it’s a fundamental right and I personally get a warm and fuzzy feeling when I see people who exercise that right and work hard to make sure we keep it (especially as so many of our other rights are being rapidly eroded).

But speaking of warm and fuzzy feelings…I happen to love this “Second Amendment: Right to Bear Arms” shirt because it’s a cute play on words that highlights a very important part of our rights as US citizens (yes, you non-US folks can ignore this post).  Check out those furry arms!  I’d happily buy this for my favorite NRA member, assuming it was someone I knew had the sense of humor to appreciate it.  I also wouldn’t hesitate to buy it for a less gun-friendly friend.  It’s just that cute.

Karate Kid Sweep the Leg T-Shirt

Everyone who grew up in the 80s (and most of the people who grew up in the early to mid-90s) remembers the Karate Kid.  It was just THAT popular.  And how could it NOT be?  You had Daniel-san, Miyagi, and that evil Cobra Kai dude who looked kind of like David Hasselhoff…

The epic “Sweep the Leg” scene is one that comes to mind for so  many of us when we’re in a tense situation with a less than honorable competitor.  In case you haven’t seen the movie…well, see the movie.  Karate Kid is awesome.  But until you CAN see it, I’ve included the memorable “Sweep the Leg” video below.

For those who want to take it a step farther and carry the “Sweep the Leg” message on their very own Sweep the Leg T-Shirt…you can do that at the link below.  Just click the t-shirt picture.

Karate Kid Shirt - Sweep The Leg
Karate Kid Shirt – Sweep The Leg
Price: $21.95
This soft Karate Kid shirt has a great worn look. What, are you going to use the Crane? Kata? Kata’s good for building up a sweat, but let’s be real here. You want to get your opponent on the ground, you Sweep the Leg. John Creese knew that; looking back, John Creese knew a lot of things. This tee comes in men’s black only.


Mathlete T-Shirt

When I was in school, being good at math was most definitely not considered a good thing.  Maybe by your parents and the burned out teacher trying to get it through all those thick adolescent skulls, but that’s about it.  You certainly wouldn’t wear a t-shirt proclaiming yourself a “mathlete”.

Fast forward a few years (ok, maybe a few more than a few)…and we’re living in a time where celebrities Tweet, Steve Jobs is idolized, and Bill Gates is living out the world’s greatest Revenge of the Nerds fantasy.  It’s a good time to be a mathlete.

If you’re ready to come out of the nerd closet and wear your mathlete status with pride, you can get the Mathlete T-Shirt by clicking on the picture below.  It comes in pretty much any color, including a MUUUCH manlier navy blue, assuming you’re of the dude persuasion.

Mathlete T-Shirts
Mathlete T-Shirts
Price: $19.95
If you love math, you’ll want this shirt. I was a mathlete until I pulled my hamstring back in 10th grade picking up my bookbag. You’ll love the super soft feel of this premium ring-spun cotton fabric. Our funny t-shirts are sure to please. Most of our tees have a slightly tapered fit; size up for more room.