Mathlete T-Shirt

When I was in school, being good at math was most definitely not considered a good thing.  Maybe by your parents and the burned out teacher trying to get it through all those thick adolescent skulls, but that’s about it.  You certainly wouldn’t wear a t-shirt proclaiming yourself a “mathlete”.

Fast forward a few years (ok, maybe a few more than a few)…and we’re living in a time where celebrities Tweet, Steve Jobs is idolized, and Bill Gates is living out the world’s greatest Revenge of the Nerds fantasy.  It’s a good time to be a mathlete.

If you’re ready to come out of the nerd closet and wear your mathlete status with pride, you can get the Mathlete T-Shirt by clicking on the picture below.  It comes in pretty much any color, including a MUUUCH manlier navy blue, assuming you’re of the dude persuasion.

Mathlete T-Shirts
Mathlete T-Shirts
Price: $19.95
If you love math, you’ll want this shirt. I was a mathlete until I pulled my hamstring back in 10th grade picking up my bookbag. You’ll love the super soft feel of this premium ring-spun cotton fabric. Our funny t-shirts are sure to please. Most of our tees have a slightly tapered fit; size up for more room.

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wow math athlete ha. Hehe Nice design

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