Owl You Need Is Love T-Shirt

It’s funny how owls have evolved into this adorable creature you see on t-shirts and baby blankets – because in reality, they’re fierce, vicious birds of prey that swoop in almost silently and rip their victims to shreds and vomit up owl pellets full of bones and other undigestible gunk.  Of course, now that I […]

Hedgehogs Why Don’t They Just Share the Hedge T-Shirt

I officially adore this t-shirt.  A lot of shirts make me laugh, but only a select few make me bookmark them for further consideration and possible purchase.  The headline itself is funny enough – “Hedgehogs – Why Don’t They Just Share the Hedge?”  It takes a second to sink in, and when it finally clicks […]

Honeybadger Don’t Care T-Shirt

You’ve met the honeybadger, haven’t you?  Not that he cares, of course.  At least 24 million people HAVE fallen in love with the honeybadger and his “just don’t care attitude” (at the time of this writing).  If you haven’t…well, the video is at the end of this post.  Fair warning, the audio is not appropriate […]

Save the Drama for Your Llama T-Shirt

I’ve never been a fan of those “diva with attitude” t-shirts.  You know the ones – they say things like, “When Mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy” or “Princess”.   That said, the “Save the Drama for Your Llama” t-shirt isn’t one of those shirts.  It’s cute.  It’s a twist on the usual.  I like it. The […]

I Love You This Much / That’s Not Very Much T-Shirt

I can’t stop cracking up about this dinosaur t-shirt.  In case you can’t read the picture below, it has 2 T Rexes and one is holding his hands apart saying, “I love you this much,” while the other one says, “That’s not very much.” Poor T Rexes…what are you supposed to do with those tiny […]

Pugs Not Drugs T-Shirt

Whether you’re trying to be an ironic 20-something hipster (yeah, you know you indulge occasionally) or you’re just trying to send a subtle message to your still impressionable pre-teen daughter (life was much simpler when all she wanted was a pony), this Pugs Not Drugs Tee is a definite wardrobe “do”. Although it’s intended to […]